The Green Coleen

In a gloomy dirty pub at the end of a filthy street
I was sitting all alone with sleepy eyes and tired feet
The men were drunk the women fat but 'cross the room there stood a maid
And when I saw her tight green dress I knew it must be fate

The green colleen is beautiful, she's pretty, young and fair
I am amazed and petrified by her long and brown hair
Her eyes are sweet as sugar, a green dress what she wears,
I want her to be lonely and wish me to be there.

Her emerald eyes were glowin' there, her lips were sensual, red and fine
A necklace made of silver shimmering in her deep neckline
She must have been a goddess, her hair, her smile, her lips, her tighs
Surrounded by a satin dress, it vanished in my longig eyes


A full hour of staring, another without self-esteem
One part of me felt tough and strong, my legs though felt as soft as cream
Just five or six or seven steps parted me from paradise
Although it felt like hundred miles, another thousand ones and twice


Finally I got through to her and looked into her deep green eyes
I said „Hello“, she smiled at me and then the moment froze to ice
She opened her lips and what came out - the smoothest sound that e'er I heard
I can't remember everything, but two words were 200 Pounds...

Life is hard, love is harder and you have to pay for both
My pocket is empty, you look pretty, but I'm afraid I have to go


The green colleen is a prostitute, a wench, bitch and a whore
Now I can just imagine what I should pay her for
I'd really like to screw her, but sadly I am poor
Thus I don't have the money to stand up and ask for more.