Roving Lizabeth

Refrain: Roving Lizabeth, she roved and drank and roved and drank (4x)

Elizabeth was born with in her hand a beer
and when all the beer at home was gone, nothing held her here
and at the age of just fourteen she left her home, alone
and started visiting every place til all the beer was gone

One day ye old Elizabeth met a man so strong and fair
but after just one barrel of beer, empty was his chair
five other men as strong as him carried him out the door
and 'lizabeth still wondering ordered just one more

Now roving elizabeth is travelling the land
and every man who drank with her will never drink again
When everyone else is crawling on the floor
she stands up and cries for some more

Now a listener may ask himself „who had paid the bill?“
for plenty of stout in such a size and all with free refill
It wasn't so long time ago that she went near to Lough Ree
and there she's spent all the time in her own brewery