Little Drummer

One fine summer's morning both gallant and gay
Twentyfour ladies I saw on the quay
and a regiment of soldiers it did pass them by
a drummer and one of them soon caught his eye

He went to his comrade and to him did say:
„Twenty-foour ladies I saw yesterday.
Oh and one of them ladies she has my heart won
and if she denies me I'm surely undone.“

„Go to this lady and tell her your mind,
tell her she's wounded your poor heart inside.
Go and tell her she's wounded your poor heart full score,
and if she denies you what can she do more?“

So early next morning this young man arose,
dresses himself up in a fine suit of clothes.
With a watch in his pocket and a cane in his hand,
saluting the ladies he walked down the strand.

He went up to her and he said, „Pardon me.
Pardon me lady for making so free.
Oh, me fine honoured lady, you have my heart won
and if you deny me I'm surely undone.“

„Be off, little drummer, now, what do you mean?
I'm the lord's daughter of ballykisteen.
Oh I am the lord's daugther that's honoured, you see?
Go off little drummer you're making to free.“

He put on his hat and he bade her farewell,
saying, „I'll send me soul down to the hell,
for with this long pistol that hangs by my side.
Oh I'll put and end to my own dreary life.“

„Come back, little drummer, and don't take it ill
for I do not want to be guilty of sin,
to be guilty of innocent blood for to spill.
Come back, little drummer, I'm here at your will.

And we'll hire a car and to bansha we'll go.
there we'll be married in spite of our foes.
Oh for what can they say when it's over and done
but I fell in love with the roll of your drum.“